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Every moment with INTOSUM is yours and INTOSUM's own story.

INTOSUM Brand introduction

Right here, Another new space where people stay.

People share happiness in space.

We will share that happiness in 'INTOSUM', the interior solution platform.


.Core Value

Inconvenient and uneasy interior construction that I didn't know how to do.

Easier, more convenient and safer interior construction can be used on the interior solution platform.


Easy interior

Free quotation service provided by two or more companies by simply 'requesting' without registering.

Convenient interior

Simple Process : Contract - Construction - Folow up Management

Safe interior

On-site service and advice from qualified experts


.Our mission

01 Easy and convenient platform centered on customers and partners

02 Construction mentoring services by manuals and experts

03 A system that allows customers to cut costs and increase profits for partners


.Service story


With Intosum, the interior will change.

Quotation / Contract / Construction / AS Easier,

more convenient and safer interior mediation total solution platform


.Service procedure

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Step 1 Consultation application and reception

Professional manager conducts 1: 1 consultation

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Step 2 Company recommendations and connections

Counseling conditions and recommending the best company

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Step 3 Contract and construction

Quality management of excellent partners and INTOSUM's experts

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Step 4 Follow up management

1-year free defect service

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